Friday, May 20, 2011

The style.

I like The Tammy the most because you wear it on you hip and it makes you feel like you got some swagga to you...esp. if you don't.  The adjustable part is a SUPER plus as well.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bag lady you gon hurt your back, draggin all those bags like that.

This is The Tonya bag. Originally I wanted to make a line of backpacks called The tonya but I think this is more befitting of the name and the person. It's rather easy to make as long as you're patient and know what you're doing. 
Everywhere I go people ask about The Tonya and want it. I( and a chosen few of my girlfriends) am the best marketing tool I could’ve imagined. My Tonya bag is more of a over nighter. I tried carrying a clutch but eventually I ended up dropping the clutch into this larger bad. Now my clutch is more of a huge wallet :)

* Better pictures to follow

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Table of Contents for The Shauna Bag

Two Mead notebooks, coupons for drinks at Urth Cafe, instant Miso soup, (to be repaired) Nintendo DS, three cosmetic bags, 24kt gold glass (to be adjusted), lavender candy, Vintage Tiffany key chain (in pouch)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The *New* Clamshell journal called The Ebony

Deep dyed orange hide - accommodates standard 81/2 x 11three hole punch paper.  It’s refillable as well....always a plus!

Table of Contents

We most often make a handbag purchase based on appearance.  But have you ever thought about how much it can hold?  The capacity and ability to carry all your "Contents" is right up there with looks. 
From now on, along with pictures of handbags that are available for purchase, I will also give a visual aid to give you an ideal of how much the handbag can hold.  Personally, I carry an overnight bag as a handbag because of all the notebooks and samples I haul around with me.  Maybe I'll start giving out free back braces with each purchase.  It's a thought...weight belts can be fly too :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Chubby Chaser - Custom storage bags



The Shauna bag

Interior made with vintage linens

Rear view of The Hipster - Available in most colors if they're fly.

The Hipster - Adjustable and one size fit's most.

Rear view of The Hipster - Adjustable and one size fit's most.

The Hipster - They come in all styles sizes and most colors if it's fly.

With embroidered sexy Chinese Fairy

Rear shot of the Raele bag.

Interior finish of the Raele bag with exposed zipper.

Exterior shot of the Raele bag

Interior design of Shauna bag made from vintage linen.